Eight Great Songs: June 2019

Foreword: June was a very busy month. The music, as always, was excellent. Slaughter Beach, Dog – “104 Degrees” Talksongs can sometimes hit so right that it’s hard for me to stop listening. “104 Degrees” is just such a song. The lyrics of this song are pretty excellent, some of the imagery is really great…. Read more »

Ten Great Songs: May 2019

Foreword: I have been very, very lazy about putting pen to paper lately. That means that I won’t be as fresh on some of these songs as I might otherwise be. Brutus – “Cemetery” “Cemetery” (which I always want to type as “Cemetary,” ugh) is a pretty sick track, electric and heavy. It’s music in… Read more »

Fourteen Great Songs: April 2019

Foreword: Another month of music that grabbed me. Writing this post towards the end of May means a lot of the songs aren’t on my playlist any longer, but the feelings the songs evoke are still present. skirts – “Stagnant” There’s a throughline of disconnect in “Stagnant”: The synthesized tones follow an aberrant pattern where… Read more »

Eleven Great Songs: March 2019

Foreword: March was a busy month. This is the music I enjoyed between moments of busyness. Ariana Grande – “imagine” I’ve never completely clicked with Ariana’s music, despite multiple serious efforts to engage with it. After hearing praise implying thank u, next was her best album yet, I gave the record a solid chance. Really… Read more »

Reading Round Up 1

Foreword: In an effort to expand the scope of this blog into a cross-media review of my personal consumerist tendencies, I’m going to record thoughts on what I’ve been reading. My goal is to go at least a layer deeper than, “this was interesting and I liked it” but we’ll see where I end up… Read more »

Twelve Great Songs: February 2019

Foreword: I hope my landlord is happy their income per day of tenancy spiked this month. February is a garbage month! As a form of self-derived consolation I was able to find a lot of new songs I liked this month. Stella Donnelly – “Boys Will Be Boys” Phew, this song is a scorcher. This… Read more »

Eleven Great Songs: January 2019

Foreword: I’m certain I’ve written this before, but the amount of music I listen to in a month is directly correlated to the time and type of gaming I do in a month. I listen to tunes while I play, so if it’s a game where I’m able to split focus between the gameplay and… Read more »

Thirteen Great Songs: December 2018

Foreword: I continue to belatedly write the posts in my “great songs” series from 2018. Happily, December was less than a month ago so I’m confident I’ll be able to more clearly capture their personal resonance! Anderson .Paak – “6 Summers” I have something like an eye-roll/dismissive response to most “humorous” “takedowns” of president Trump… Read more »

Eleven Great Songs: November 2018

Foreword: November was yet another month in the life. I listened to music that month. Here’s some of my favorites. Sarcastic Sounds – “I Can’t Help” Sarcastic Sounds is the first “chill beats to study/relax to”-type artist that has really grabbed me. The music in that genre is meant to be inoffensive and that usually… Read more »

Eight Great Songs: October 2018

Foreword: Still catching up on my monthly music from 2018! I intend to write a year-end list and I given the pace I’m moving at I predict it’ll be time to proceed right into my favorite songs from January by then. Restorations – “Nonbeliever” The lyrics are what most drew me into this Restorations track…. Read more »