Lushloss – Asking/Bearing

have you called your mother? ~

This record by Lushloss has got me good! One of my favorite tools musicians employ is altering vocals and Lushloss uses such a variety of vocal effects that it always stays interesting. Sometimes unintelligible and sometimes blissfully clear, the vocals shine. The interspersed recorded conversation with Mom is very affecting and the quality of the recording is another vocal effect in and of itself. (However, after repeated listens the recorded conversations are the least musical and least re-listenable.) The digital tunes have a certain twee-ness to them that enhances the impact of the spacey soundcloud vibes the album is drenched in.

The whole thing is hard to categorize in the best way, and despite the variation (esp. between Side A and Side B), it’s captivating all the way through. “Gutter” might be my favorite track, but it’s hard to choose. Somehow Asking/Bearing straddles two worlds perfectly: it’s an album with great songs yet no standout tracks that dwarf the rest, and it’s an album with an enhancing cohesion yet it doesn’t need to be listened to in its entirety to be appreciated. I want to listen to the whole thing, but I don’t need to.