The Obelisk Gate is a Good Sequel

I haven’t burned down a book in two to three days like I did N.K. Jemisin’s The Obelisk Gate for a few years. I probably over-did it since I can only sort of remember most of the plot points, despite having finished it earlier this week. But that’s just how compelling the book is! Strong recommendation from me.

If there’s any criticism I can lob at it, it’s that same criticism all sequels have: the world is more familiar now. There are never as many spectacular discoveries in the second book of a fantasy series. However, Jemisin does add new point of view characters and peel back more layers of mystery in a very satisfying way. I think there’s so much more to say, but to be honest I’m already engrossed in the final volume and I want to get back to reading that! (Thank god I didn’t discover this series until the trilogy had been completed–waiting a year to get narrative closure would’ve been brutal.)