In Real Life – “Eyes Closed”

So I just found out that boy bands are back*. Really! I didn’t realize boy bands were gone, to be honest, but here we are in 2017 and if I scan the memory banks it occurs to me that One Direction disbanded a few years ago.


It turns out one of the boy bands wrote a song called “Eyes Closed.” Depending on when they wrote this song, they beat me to the punch on my blog title! No wonder why I couldn’t get on the cheap. But real recognize real. This will be my blog’s new anthem.

The song is all right. I actually like a few of the dudes’ voices–the second dude with a solo verse and the solo verse dude after the first chorus were rad. The chorus and a lot of the harmonizing parts were bleh. The tune they sing over is downright boring. (Also: did all boy bands always look so boyish? These dudes were born around the turn of the millennium. Yeesh.)

But! This will be the new anthem. It’s too clear a portent, to ominous a sign to ignore.

*My opinion of this article is in line with the inimitable Kevin Abstract: ya forgot Brockhampton, Vulture.