Quick Thoughts: Search Party

With the start of TBS dramedy¬†Search Party beginning season two, I thought I’d record a quick thoughts on the show’s first season. I had it on my list forever and finally got around to it last week and I really liked it! I now regret not watching it when it came out last year–but then again, I got to dip right into the first two episodes of season two almost immediately after the season one finale, so there was a silver lining to procrastinating consuming a piece of entertainment.

It’s hard to fully encapsulate why it was so good without just listing positive attributes… so I’ll do just that! I think the two biggest highlights were Alia Shawkat’s acting and the storyline hitting that perfect balance of unpredictable-yet-believable. Beyond that, I really liked the characterizations in general–even though all the characters are generally narcissistic dolts, they each had their own dimensions and depths. Plus they were, somehow, likeable. (Or maybe just watching them was enjoyable and I didn’t hate the characters too much–they definitely get up to some reprehensible, selfish actions.) The soundtrack was neat as well, though it was a little jarring because it felt too trendy at times and the music would sometimes pop in at unnecessary times–I’m especially thinking of a short snippet of music that came up in an early episode when the characters are at a vigil for a missing friend that felt very out of place. Perhaps the whole thing just felt so modern and on-the-nose in a way that was very real but also felt like I was being targeted!

On top of the show having basically no flaws to speak of, it was just a really fun watch. Every episode led naturally to the next without excessive use of cheap hooks or cliffhangers. The end of every episode was satisfying enough that if I wanted to watch another episode it’d be appropriate and if I didn’t it’d be a great stopping point. I didn’t feel compelled/forced to binge Search Party, which is a treasure in these Netflixian times.

Season one ended on a great “twist”–without feeling too twisty or unexpected or cheap in any way–and now season two has started out strong. I’m genuinely curious where it’s gonna go from here (as of episode two). The show is so well-executed at this point, I can honestly say my only worry is that the creators might try to stretch it out too many seasons and lose track of the unique verve it possesses now.