Four Great Songs: Mar 2018

Foreword: I know, I know. Only four songs this month. And March was such a long month! I simply didn’t hear a ton of new music I loved this month. Partially it was the mood I was in–I spent a solid week and a half exclusively listening to old favorites–and partially it was just a down month for my tastes (evidently). Nevertheless, here are four songs that grabbed me in March of 2018.

Long Neck – “Mine/Yours”

I love how this song begins every verse. The lead-in with a location on each verse that spills over into that lively chorus gets me good.

Paul de Jong – “You Fucken Sucker”

This is certainly a very silly song, but god damn do I love it. Those soft vocals and light electronic stuttering laid over an acoustic guitar are basically irresistible to me. I do kinda wish the song was, like, 10% less silly but at the same time I love it so much that maybe that’s a foolish idea. I almost always have to hear this song twice whenever it comes on; when I first found it I had to leave it on repeat for an entire day.

Camp Cope – “The Opener”

I was pretty hyped for this album after “How to Socialise & Make Friends” grabbed my attention, and Camp Cope delivered for sure. There’s a couple of straight bangers on How to Socialise & Make Friends and “The Opener” is probably the highest peak. Musically it’s fun with a nice bass guitar underlying the whole thing, though the vocals and lyrics are really what elevate this song. “The Opener” is a great track on so many word-levels: it’s the opening song and makes mention of women being relegated to a niche in the music industry & requiring female openers AND in drawing that parallel it also lays out one of the foundational lyrical themes of the whole album! Just stellar.

Museum Mouth – “I Scream at You When You’re Not in the Room”

This song has a great hook. That guitar motif where it, like, squeals with weight & heaviness fucking rules. It pairs beautifully with the vague, faraway vocals. Together, the chorus is a joy to listen to.

Afterword: I’m hoping to have more songs to write about next month! For one, I’m trying to make an effort to write down songs that move me right away, as I’m sometimes suspicious I’ve forgotten a song or two. Furthermore, I’ve unearthed a few “best songs” playlists from Small Albums that I’m hoping provide auditory gold when I dig in deep. Onward into April!