Eight Great Songs: May 2018

Foreword: I didn’t write any posts on this blog in the month of May.  I’ve got a bunch of drafts floating around about games I haven’t played for over a month! But, I did manage to listen to some sick tunez this month:

Janelle Monae – “Screwed”

I haven’t really been hooked by J. Monae’s musical output as much as it appears others have (and not as much as I’ve wanted to be hooked). This latest album had some nice songs, but none were outta-the-park homeruns. I like “Screwed” and a few other tunes, but this album still has me waiting for The One from Janelle.

Braids – “Burdock & Dandelion”

Great song! Braids is an example of how I expect my fandom of Janelle to go: mostly forgettable albums peppered with the few stratospheric masterpieces (see also: “Companion” and “Miniskirt”). There’s a nicely dissonant, minor key feeling to this song that I’m really attached to. And once again, Braids comes through with some incredible lyrics highlighting the gender inequality of expectations in sexual relationships.

Avett Brothers – “Pretty Girl at the Airport”

This one’s a grower for sure. I found it via a deep cuts-type recommendation on the internet and I’ve liked some Avett Brothers shit before so I went in on this one. For maybe the first twenty listens, this song was pretty agreeable, albeit nothing that made me stop in my tracks. But after two months of persistence on my playlist, I smile a bit every time it comes on. I’m not sure what the song is about, nor do I absolutely love the musicality. The song is just through-and-through good, and every time it comes on it puts a smile on my face.


Honestly I should give up on everything and just become a full-time PC Music stan. This song hits all the right spots for me. I enjoy the weird zipper noises in the intro, I like the general poppiness of the tune, and I love-love-love the final chorus when Iiris screams “TURN ME UP LOUD!”

Clairo – “B.O.M.D.”

A chiller, more low-key PC Mus track! I like the chorus here, it’s a real earworm I’ll catch myself humming to myself in moments of silence.

Pusha T – “If You Know You Know”

Pusha T always comes through with a couple golden tracks on every release, and DAYTONA is no different. I was torn between this, “Infrared,” and “The Games We Play”–all incredible works. “If You Know You Know” rose to the top because that refrain is just so cool. If you know, you know. Fuck yes. And goddamn if I’m not super hyped on this beef between Pusha and Drake. So much entertainment value!

Mssingno – “Xe2”

Shit, yo. This song is great, and it finally came to Spotify in the last few months. But between this song coming to Spotify and me originally hearing it in, like, 2015, some (more) revelations have come to light regarding R. Kelly. It’s hard to listen to that whole “a dog on the prowl” shit without it taking on an uber-menacing vibe. I actually enjoy this reinterpretation of the song less because of it. But I literally get goosebumps the whole time that wobbling, buzzing tune comes in. So I’ll still listen to “Xe2” guilt and all.

Christine and the Queens – “Tilted” – Danny L Harle Remix

More PC Music! Somehow I overlooked this one when it first came out (whenever that was!) but I’m really glad I went back through some old PC Mus archives and found it. The intro is fucking sick, like I can’t even begin to comprehend how cool the opening of the song is. “I’m doing my face/with magic marker.” So fun!

Afterword: This was something of a frustrating month for music discovery for me. I listened to a lot of new music, definitely more than I usually do, but I just didn’t come across a ton of glowing songs. I probably listened to twice as many new songs as I did in April, but I came in under that high water mark! Ah well, the songs I did find were good nonetheless and I’m thinking there’ll be a couple of hot tracks this summer–I’m praying for that SOPHIE release next week!!!