Eleven Great Songs: June 2018

Foreword: June was a good month for music. Any month that sees an official SOPHIE release is gonna be a good one!

Tanukichan – “Lazy Love”

“Lazy Love” is a whispery shoegaze that’s a joy to listen to. Plus, finding this song turned me on to Tanukichan’s marvelous EP, Radiolove.

Father John Misty – “Please Don’t Die”

I didn’t really vibe with the newest FJM album, but this song is definitely one of the the all-time J. Tillman greats.

Kanye West – “Ghost Town”

I was less than wowed by Kanye’s latest, but that wasn’t unexpected. This song’s a stand-out for sure, though! I really love the hand-on-the-stove verse.

Berkley – “3am”

I really like this song! The rhetorical questions conceit is pretty enjoyable and the chorus has a nice harmonizing/multi-tracked vocal vibe that I’m real into right now.


I’ve been waiting for the OHYUNG album for years, ever since he was conscripted by a Uniqlo marketing campaign (“ALL UNIQLO”, another awesome jam). The album’s pretty interesting, OHYUNG explores a number of genres and styles and for the most part his experiments succeed. “N1FWM” is the peak for me, based almost entirely on how awesome the final 45 seconds of the track are when it flies into a near-angelic register.

BLACKPINK – “Forever Young”

I really like this song! BLACKPINK seems pretty interesting. As a pop music devotee, I’m always listening to the new trends out of K-Pop to see if anything catches my ear. For me, K-Pop’s been on a cold streak for the last few years, but BLACKPINK is an exciting twist. I really like the SQUARE UP EP! My chief criticism so far would be that some of the sounds and tropes the group adopts are a little too typical and expected. I hope BLACKPINK is able to get a bit more experimental moving forward!

SOPHIE – “Infatuation”

The new SOPHIE album is, as expected, incredible. “Immaterial” is a jam unlike any other, and the album as a whole has some truly spectacular moments. “Infatuation” has a quiet, blissful vibe that I just can’t get enough of–besides “Immaterial” its the song I come back to the most.

Low – “Just Make It Stop”

I’m such a sucker for a solid piano rhythm. I also love the repeated “if I could just make it stop” refrain. Low’s singer doesn’t have to elaborate on what “it” might be–it’s right there in the yearning vocals.

Saintseneca – “Frostbiter”

Wow, I love this haunting howls on the chorus. That wail elevates this song into the territory I was always certain that Saintseneca could rise to but never seemed to reach.

Petal – “Stardust”

Another piano ballad! I really love the swelling vocals when she sings about the mismatched tableware and wondering if she and her partner’d make good parents.

Charli XCX – “No Angel”

Both this and “Focus” released together, and both tracks are incredible. Vintage Charli XCX. At first I liked “Focus” a bit more, but that goddamn hook on “No Angel” has grabbed me good. I’m no angel, but I can learn~

Afterword: I wrote this post late! It’s already a quarter of the way through July. There are some songs I’m already excited to write about for the July edition of this series 🙂