Eight Great Songs: August 2018

Foreword: Note the publication date on this post–August was a long time ago! I unfortunately became very lazy partway through 2018 and neglected the lil’ world of eyesclosed. Now, here in 2019, I aim to rectify that. I did still listen to some good music in the missing months (August through December), music worth writing about! So, here we go:

Q Lazzarus – “Goodbye Horses”

As a certified not-a-movie-person, I had never heard this (apparently) very famous song until some articles surfaced in August of last year revealing that the mystery of who Q Lazzarus was had been solved. Curious about the track, I put it on and, man, it’s a good one. I can see why the mystery of who Q was captivated people for so long: an amazing song used in an iconic film from a musician who was never heard from again. The bassline does a fantastic job pushing the song along, and the layered, synthetic vocals in the chorus is super memorable.

Whitney Ballen – “Fucking”

This song is incredible. The instrumentation does a great job of the quiet-loud transition when the guitar riff comes in, Whitney’s voice is amazing, and the chorus. Oh my god, the chorus is such a delicious earworm, and the way the whole song builds up to that final climax where Whitney repeats, “visions of you fucking her in my dreams” with different emphasis on “her” is one of my favorite moments in music in 2018.

Abbi Press – “Deep Breath”

Looking back on my notes for my favorite songs from August, I can say this Abbi Press song didn’t make as much of an impact as I expected back in August. But I don’t know why–it’s a lovely song! It sounds like a lost song from Postal Service’s Give Up but with a different vocalist. It’s a very chill little song.

Sir Babygirl – “Heels”

Ah, the introduction of Sir Babygirl into my life happened in August! “Heels” is a transcendent pop anthem that hooked me the moment I heard it. I love the dance-y drums undergirding the whole track, and the moment I first heard Sir Babygirl screams out “I changed my hair! I changed my hair!” will be forever etched in my mind.

Ruairi Turbett – “Gardenwound”

This whole A View from Mount Seldom sampler was pretty enjoyable, and Ruairi Turbett’s track was one of several stand-outs for me. I quite liked the chill, wind-up feeling of the track as it slowly makes its way to the vocal verses in the latter half of the song.

IAN SWEET – “Hiding”

I can’t recall if I’ve written about IAN SWEET before in these eyesclosed song lists, but I was quite a fan of 2016’s #23 and this 2018 album had some great songs too. “Hiding” has a quiet build-up to the first explosive chorus and the song doesn’t stop begin great once it gets there.

herbal tea – “Second Heart”

This herbal tea song is a quiet, short song that gets to everything it needs to in just 90 seconds. It sounds kind of sad and far away, like a lantern floating on the sea, drifting away into the night.

Empress Of – “When I’m With Him”

“When I’m With Him” is a fabulous pop song! Every time Empress Of sings the title line in this song, it warms the air around me.

Afterword: I regret not writing this post at the end of August. Not only did I disappoint myself, I disappointed my loyal readers! (That’s a joke no one reads this blog but me.) A 2019 goal is to actually write these posts in a timely manner.