Eight Great Songs: October 2018

Foreword: Still catching up on my monthly music from 2018! I intend to write a year-end list and I given the pace I’m moving at I predict it’ll be time to proceed right into my favorite songs from January by then.

Restorations – “Nonbeliever”

The lyrics are what most drew me into this Restorations track. I love the image of this titular nonbeliever who lives a vaguely defiant life mostly out of an urge to do and be as little as possible. (Perhaps appealing because it’s more than a little resonant with my own life experience…!)

Modern Baseball – “Mass Re-Done”

A bunch of songs from these Polyvinyl 4-Track Singles Series were right up my alley, and “Mass Re-Done” was my favorite. I remember listening to “Mass” in its original, hi-fi version on Holy Ghost and liking it well enough, but how much more I like the lo-fi version is yet another reminder of how much all that old Mountain Goats boombox shit forever altered my musical leanings.

Barry White – “Let the Music Play”

I often put songs on these monthly lists that I like a lot, and then from time to time there’s a song that I need to double underline because there is something truly special about it. “Let the Music Play” is one of these songs. The quiet vocal lead-in to this song is incredible and I love it so, so much–it’s my favorite part. From there, the instrumental kick into high gear, the song actually begins, and it’s a true jam. “Let the Music Play” is an absolute blast to listen to.

Sir Babygirl – “Flirting With Her”

Sir Babygirl’s opening trio of indelible singles continued in October. “Flirting With Her” scratched a similar itch as “Heels” did in September: it’s a dynamic, entertaining song that propels itself forward with an infectious energy. Truly a great song. The bridge and final verse of this song are so incredible and enjoyable. Sir Babygirl makes music that is so fun to listen to.

The Verge – “Bad Moves”

“Bad Moves” is a fun little rock song! Its greatest attribute is its unstoppable momentum: “Bad Moves” picks up immediately from the first verse and, excepting the bridge between the choruses, the vocals drive it right along.

Young Thug – “Real In My Veins”

Young Thug is super prolific and even though sometimes it seems like he should slow down and spend a bit more time perfecting a particular project, other times he just spits out an album (or EP in this case) like On The Rvn that’s pretty much undeniable front to back. “Real In My Veins” is a great example of Thugger’s ability to use his voice as a supplement to the instrumental. “Icey” is another highlight from the album for that choppy piano beat alone.


BROCKHAMPTON released some of my favorite songs from 2017. The group is supremely consistent, and their transition from indie darlings into major label hitters went more or less smoothly. (Musically speaking, that is. The narrative around BROCKHAMPTON is also very interesting to follow.) I liked a lot of songs from iridescence after a couple listens, but this song hooked me in immediately. The choral singing “I want more out of life than this” at the end is fucking amazing. It’s anthemic, it’s musically stellar, it’s the sort of thing that tempts me to call it a declaration from some kind of “voice of a generation”–you know, the sort of thing I’d usually scoff at. It’s that great of a musical moment.

american poetry club – “Snbm”

Yeah, so maybe between this and “Mass Re-Done” being among my favorite songs in a single post emphasizes my aforementioned love of all things lo-fi. I discovered american poetry club in October and probably churned through forty of their quiet little songs and loved nearly all of them. “Snbm” wasn’t even my favorite or the best of them, it was one of many that I loved and listen to often still, now, months later.

Afterword: I usually like to write something about the quality of month October was–something for posterity, you know?–but I honestly remember next to nothing about what happened in my life in October. Ah, well. It was a month, I’m sure.