Eight Great Songs: June 2019

Foreword: June was a very busy month. The music, as always, was excellent. Slaughter Beach, Dog – “104 Degrees” Talksongs can sometimes hit so right that it’s hard for me to stop listening. “104 Degrees” is just such a song. The lyrics of this song are pretty excellent, some of the imagery is really great…. Read more »

Ten Great Songs: May 2019

Foreword: I have been very, very lazy about putting pen to paper lately. That means that I won’t be as fresh on some of these songs as I might otherwise be. Brutus – “Cemetery” “Cemetery” (which I always want to type as “Cemetary,” ugh) is a pretty sick track, electric and heavy. It’s music in… Read more »

Fourteen Great Songs: April 2019

Foreword: Another month of music that grabbed me. Writing this post towards the end of May means a lot of the songs aren’t on my playlist any longer, but the feelings the songs evoke are still present. skirts – “Stagnant” There’s a throughline of disconnect in “Stagnant”: The synthesized tones follow an aberrant pattern where… Read more »

Eleven Great Songs: March 2019

Foreword: March was a busy month. This is the music I enjoyed between moments of busyness. Ariana Grande – “imagine” I’ve never completely clicked with Ariana’s music, despite multiple serious efforts to engage with it. After hearing praise implying thank u, next was her best album yet, I gave the record a solid chance. Really… Read more »

Twelve Great Songs: February 2019

Foreword: I hope my landlord is happy their income per day of tenancy spiked this month. February is a garbage month! As a form of self-derived consolation I was able to find a lot of new songs I liked this month. Stella Donnelly – “Boys Will Be Boys” Phew, this song is a scorcher. This… Read more »

Eleven Great Songs: January 2019

Foreword: I’m certain I’ve written this before, but the amount of music I listen to in a month is directly correlated to the time and type of gaming I do in a month. I listen to tunes while I play, so if it’s a game where I’m able to split focus between the gameplay and… Read more »

Thirteen Great Songs: December 2018

Foreword: I continue to belatedly write the posts in my “great songs” series from 2018. Happily, December was less than a month ago so I’m confident I’ll be able to more clearly capture their personal resonance! Anderson .Paak – “6 Summers” I have something like an eye-roll/dismissive response to most “humorous” “takedowns” of president Trump… Read more »

Eleven Great Songs: November 2018

Foreword: November was yet another month in the life. I listened to music that month. Here’s some of my favorites. Sarcastic Sounds – “I Can’t Help” Sarcastic Sounds is the first “chill beats to study/relax to”-type artist that has really grabbed me. The music in that genre is meant to be inoffensive and that usually… Read more »

Eight Great Songs: October 2018

Foreword: Still catching up on my monthly music from 2018! I intend to write a year-end list and I given the pace I’m moving at I predict it’ll be time to proceed right into my favorite songs from January by then. Restorations – “Nonbeliever” The lyrics are what most drew me into this Restorations track…. Read more »

Six Great Songs: September 2018

Foreword: I did not write this list in the warmest glow of these songs. Listing my favorite songs from September of 2018 in January of 2019 means that songs that waned over time won’t be included, and songs with more staying power will be. In a sense that’s not terrible, but the goal of this… Read more »