The Mountain GOATs

The Mountain Goats is probably still my favorite band of all time. I absorbed a lot of the tape deck lore back in college. “02-75” is named after the drop box John and his wife would share letters in before they married. “Going to Georgia” might be about anyone. It might be about you. Or… Read more »

In Real Life – “Eyes Closed”

So I just found out that boy bands are back*. Really! I didn’t realize boy bands were gone, to be honest, but here we are in 2017 and if I scan the memory banks it occurs to me that One Direction disbanded a few years ago. Anyway. It turns out one of the boy bands… Read more »

Smidley – “Milkshake”

i listen so closely ~ Man, this track has got me good. I love every moment when I’m fucked up listening to “Milkshake.” It’s a simple track with little flute-y noises (synth?) and a guitar walking up and down a little tune. And lyrically it’s a few different variations of a basic idea. But to me this… Read more »

Tonight in Dreampop Masterpieces: Yeule’s Coma

how could i forget you The latest from inimitable netlabel ZOOM LENS, Coma is the perfect EP to listen to with headphones on and the lights out. It’s tricky for me to try to describe music but I can describe how this makes me feel: like I’m floating in pitch-black water on a cloudless, yet starless… Read more »

Lushloss – Asking/Bearing

have you called your mother? ~ This record by Lushloss has got me good! One of my favorite tools musicians employ is altering vocals and Lushloss uses such a variety of vocal effects that it always stays interesting. Sometimes unintelligible and sometimes blissfully clear, the vocals shine. The interspersed recorded conversation with Mom is very… Read more »