Heroes of Hammerwatch: When a Game is For Me

Heroes of Hammerwatch is a roguelite RPG that ably executes upon the expectations of the genre. It’s got a great set of interlocking systems and currencies to progress on in the meta game and every run gives a feeling of progression while maintaining tension over dying. I absolutely fucking love the game. It is exactly… Read more »

Into the Breach: The Story of One Perfect Mechanic

At long last, Into the Breach is here. Though it wasn’t promoted without undue fanfare, it’s definitely a release to mark when the game in question is the second outing from Subset Games, developers of the inimitable FTL. (Which came out in 2012, so it’s safe to say it’s been a while.) I’ll not hesitate: Subset… Read more »

Slay the Spire

Given my nerdy proclivities, I got into the card game scene later than one would assume. I collected Pokemon cards, of course, but never got into MTG for one reason or another. Hearthstone was my first competitive card game. And I fell for it hard. I probably dropped $500 in that game across the three or… Read more »

Incomplete Metroidvania Survey, Jan 2018

I’ve been getting a lot of usage out of my Steam controller lately (is C in that controller capitalized? or a ™?) and I find one of its best uses is in playing so-called “Metroidvania” games–basically, games that rely almost entirely on one direction stick and a 4-button A-B-X-Y layout. And I’m having a lot of… Read more »

7 games, 2017

Foreword: Of all my hobbies that I react to in this lil’ blog, gaming is the one I spent the most time on in 2017. I haven’t owned a console in years and didn’t get much mobile gaming done, so it’s mostly a focus on my PC experiences. Below are the games I most enjoyed… Read more »

Project Highrise: Simulators and Difficulty

This past Thanksgiving weekend I finally broke down during the Steam sale and bought a game I’ve had on my eye for a while: SomaSim’s Project Highrise. As a huge 90s sim game fan, the aesthetics were immediately familiar to me. Highrise is an homage to an old favorite, Maxis’ SimTower. Project Highrise lives up to its successor–or at least… Read more »

Destiny 2 Sucks.

I only own a PC, so by default I am a PC gamer. I’m avid, though–I’m into it. So I watched the original Destiny release from afar with a kind of detached curiosity. The game was popular, well-reviewed (I think?), and some friends liked it–even a few friends who rarely played shooters. It kinda looked like… Read more »

Fortnite’s Kitchen Sink is not Without Hooks

Fortnite is a pay-to-play game with every imaginable sticky hook from mobile/casual/free-to-play games thrown in at it. There are XP bars upon XP bars. Once you fill out ten XP bars, you can evolve and get ten more. Sometimes you find new items with new XP bars, or new heroes with XP bars. Other times,… Read more »

PUBG is a Marvel

Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds (irritatingly stylized PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS and henceforth PUBG) is the gaming phenomenon of the summer. The meteoric rise of the game has been fascinating to watch: from first hearing the rumblings about the game last spring, buying it in May and discovering the source of the hype, then watching the game explode into the… Read more »

Path of Exile is Great: Why that’s Bad.

I recently got back into Path of Exile with the big patch that released in early August. The game itself is a masterpiece of game design in a classic fashion: it takes a familiar format and twists, refines and adds to it. After a childhood literally spent growing up with Diablo and Diablo II, a… Read more »