Reading Round Up 1

Foreword: In an effort to expand the scope of this blog into a cross-media review of my personal consumerist tendencies, I’m going to record thoughts on what I’ve been reading. My goal is to go at least a layer deeper than, “this was interesting and I liked it” but we’ll see where I end up… Read more »

The Soapy Pleasures of Kevin Kwan’s Crazy Rich Trilogy

I recently finished reading through three of the soapiest books I think I’ve ever read: Kevin Kwan’s Crazy Rich Asians, China Rich Girlfriend, and Rich People Problems. Each book I read in maybe three or four days, and they kept me engaged in a way few books can. It’s probably safe to say I devoured… Read more »

An Exploration of a Generation’s Ills

Kids These Days from Malcolm Harris is a much-needed look into way the political economy of the United States shaped and formed the oft-maligned Millennial generation. The book takes the reader on a journey through the aggregated life experiences of Millennials (thus far), starting from the pressures placed on us in elementary schools and onward… Read more »

World Without Mind by Franklin Foer is Illuminating

I’m always a sucker for any non-fiction polemic that rails against modern miracles, and World Without Mind fills that role well. The book’s excellent–an in-depth dive into the roots of the libertarian ideals seeded in early Silicon Valley and how those ideas grew in tandem with the burgeoning tech world to create a paradoxical world without… Read more »

The Stone Sky Concludes Satisfyingly

Somehow I never wrote about the conclusion of N.K. Jemisin’s Broken Earth trilogy! It was good. It was good! I really enjoyed the series. Jemisin told a down-to-earth story (heh) about coming of age and motherhood that was totally fantastical featuring moving statues, a post-post-post climate change Earth and two types of magic. I think the first… Read more »

The Obelisk Gate is a Good Sequel

I haven’t burned down a book in two to three days like I did N.K. Jemisin’s The Obelisk Gate for a few years. I probably over-did it since I can only sort of remember most of the plot points, despite having finished it earlier this week. But that’s just how compelling the book is! Strong recommendation from… Read more »

The Fifth Season is Novel and Fantastic

How to categorize The Fifth Season? It’s fantasy, for sure, but it’s something unique to me too: it’s something like an environmental/geology fantasy. This was one of those ones I was up until 3 am to finish. And it’s only the first book in the series! The shifting perspectives (a whole third of the book is… Read more »

The Black Company

After all but shunning fantasy genre novels for nearly a decade, I’ve been tentatively dipping my toes back in here and there. In my teenage years, fantasy novels were almost exclusively all I read. I remember bringing some five hundred page behemoth to English class and a fellow student chiding me for not reading the… Read more »