Quick Thoughts: Search Party

With the start of TBS dramedy Search Party beginning season two, I thought I’d record a quick thoughts on the show’s first season. I had it on my list forever and finally got around to it last week and I really liked it! I now regret not watching it when it came out last year–but then… Read more »

Quick Thoughts: The Good Place

As a fan of all things Mike Schur, I approached The Good Place eagerly when I heard about it. And I liked it! Season 1 was great, and I’ve since caught up to the ‘fall finale’ of season 2. (Damn what’s with these months-long breaks network shows do in the middle of seasons–lookin’ at you, Brooklyn Nine-Nine!!!) It’s… Read more »

Nathan For You Blurs Reality TV and Reality Itself

Nathan For You, Nathan Fielder’s terrific mock business reality show just aired its season 4 finale last week. “Finding Frances” focuses on washed-up Bill Gates impersonator Bill Heath’s regrets over a lost romance and the search for a woman he hasn’t seen since the late 50s. It’s illuminating, hilarious and compellingly human, and it’s perhaps… Read more »

Blue Planet II Has Begun.

In the past year I’ve gotten super into all things David Attenborough. The man is a living treasure and the moving pictures he talks over are quite nice. Last year saw the issuance of a sequel to Planet Earth, a classic weedsmoke-and-gaze show from my college years. Planet Earth II was incredible. Better than the first,… Read more »

The Deuce is Pretty, Pretty Good

HBO’s The Deuce caught my attention when I found out that David Simon would be one of the creative forces behind it. (D Simon, of course, is of The Wire fame, blessed be its name.) The finale just aired last Sunday and after seeing the whole season I gotta say it was pretty enjoyable. I think if… Read more »

Gamifying Nature

Tier Zoo is a recently-started YouTube channel that humorously blends the “nature battles” genre of wildlife documentaries with over-analyzed gaming strategy tips videos. It is phenomenal. The details are on point–gaming concepts like skill trees, specs, and griefing are masterfully transplanted onto evolutionary traits. I love the videos already and I’m looking forward to the… Read more »

Breaking BoJack Down

i know you hate me, bea ~ BoJack Horseman has always been a show concerned mostly with the utter destruction of its characters. One definition of tragicomedy I’ve heard is that it’s a tragedy that ends with a final, unexpected twist towards happiness or hope, and while I think the series will end with that… Read more »