Sermon at the Drug Church

god, he’s indifferent and nobody cares Drug Church’s 2018 album Cheer fucking rips. The album is the first Drug Church I’ve ever heard and I’m blown away. The hooks are sharp. The vocals are raw. And the cohesive world the album paints is real and dark. The album presents a series of portraits of the way… Read more »

Seven Great Songs: July 2018

Foreword: July was a good month! I heard some nice songs. Here are my favorites: Kendl Winter – “Rise and Fall” I just like the sounds of Kendl Winter’s voice on this song. And the anaphoric “All of it is…” lines are a satisfying in an inexplicable way. Lucinda Williams – “2 Kool 2 Be 4-Gotten”… Read more »

Eleven Great Songs: June 2018

Foreword: June was a good month for music. Any month that sees an official SOPHIE release is gonna be a good one! Tanukichan – “Lazy Love” “Lazy Love” is a whispery shoegaze that’s a joy to listen to. Plus, finding this song turned me on to Tanukichan’s marvelous EP, Radiolove. Father John Misty – “Please Don’t Die”… Read more »

Eight Great Songs: May 2018

Foreword: I didn’t write any posts on this blog in the month of May.  I’ve got a bunch of drafts floating around about games I haven’t played for over a month! But, I did manage to listen to some sick tunez this month: Janelle Monae – “Screwed” I haven’t really been hooked by J. Monae’s musical… Read more »

Nine Great Songs: Apr 2018

Foreword: I listened to more new music in April than I did in March! Plus I did a better job of jotting down when I found a song worth writing about. As a result, I have a lot more new-to-me songs I want to write about now! Funny how a little effort can go a… Read more »

Heroes of Hammerwatch: When a Game is For Me

Heroes of Hammerwatch is a roguelite RPG that ably executes upon the expectations of the genre. It’s got a great set of interlocking systems and currencies to progress on in the meta game and every run gives a feeling of progression while maintaining tension over dying. I absolutely fucking love the game. It is exactly… Read more »

Four Great Songs: Mar 2018

Foreword: I know, I know. Only four songs this month. And March was such a long month! I simply didn’t hear a ton of new music I loved this month. Partially it was the mood I was in–I spent a solid week and a half exclusively listening to old favorites–and partially it was just a down… Read more »

Into the Breach: The Story of One Perfect Mechanic

At long last, Into the Breach is here. Though it wasn’t promoted without undue fanfare, it’s definitely a release to mark when the game in question is the second outing from Subset Games, developers of the inimitable FTL. (Which came out in 2012, so it’s safe to say it’s been a while.) I’ll not hesitate: Subset… Read more »

Six Great Songs: Feb 2018

Foreword: As promised, another entry in my “great songs” catalog. Here are 6 of my favorite songs from February, 2018~ awakebutstillinbed – “life” It was tough to narrow down to just one song from awakebutstillinbed’s album. The whole album is consistently great. Probably because the band’s style is what draws me in the most: the… Read more »

Slay the Spire

Given my nerdy proclivities, I got into the card game scene later than one would assume. I collected Pokemon cards, of course, but never got into MTG for one reason or another. Hearthstone was my first competitive card game. And I fell for it hard. I probably dropped $500 in that game across the three or… Read more »