R&B of the Aughts comes to 2017

Rina Sawayama, London musician, has released RINA, her first EP. It’s a short little thing if you’re not counting interludes, just six tracks. But it’s a whopper! It’s a fun EP of R&B that would have sounded at home (if a bit experimental) in the late 90s/early 00s. I can’t get enough of it. I think… Read more »

An Exploration of a Generation’s Ills

Kids These Days from Malcolm Harris is a much-needed look into way the political economy of the United States shaped and formed the oft-maligned Millennial generation. The book takes the reader on a journey through the aggregated life experiences of Millennials (thus far), starting from the pressures placed on us in elementary schools and onward… Read more »

Nathan For You Blurs Reality TV and Reality Itself

Nathan For You, Nathan Fielder’s terrific mock business reality show just aired its season 4 finale last week. “Finding Frances” focuses on washed-up Bill Gates impersonator Bill Heath’s regrets over a lost romance and the search for a woman he hasn’t seen since the late 50s. It’s illuminating, hilarious and compellingly human, and it’s perhaps… Read more »

Blue Planet II Has Begun.

In the past year I’ve gotten super into all things David Attenborough. The man is a living treasure and the moving pictures he talks over are quite nice. Last year saw the issuance of a sequel to Planet Earth, a classic weedsmoke-and-gaze show from my college years. Planet Earth II was incredible. Better than the first,… Read more »

The Deuce is Pretty, Pretty Good

HBO’s The Deuce caught my attention when I found out that David Simon would be one of the creative forces behind it. (D Simon, of course, is of The Wire fame, blessed be its name.) The finale just aired last Sunday and after seeing the whole season I gotta say it was pretty enjoyable. I think if… Read more »

The Mountain GOATs

The Mountain Goats is probably still my favorite band of all time. I absorbed a lot of the tape deck lore back in college. “02-75” is named after the drop box John and his wife would share letters in before they married. “Going to Georgia” might be about anyone. It might be about you. Or… Read more »

On Repetition

I’ve been obsessed with the concept of repetition lately. Broadly speaking. It comes in multiple forms: imitation, recreation, copying. Then there’s expansion-as-repetition: taking inspiration from and improving on an idea, building on something existing. Ranging from perfect copies to artists stealing from each other (cf TS Eliot’s “immature poets imitate; mature poets steal”), repetition is… Read more »

World Without Mind by Franklin Foer is Illuminating

I’m always a sucker for any non-fiction polemic that rails against modern miracles, and World Without Mind fills that role well. The book’s excellent–an in-depth dive into the roots of the libertarian ideals seeded in early Silicon Valley and how those ideas grew in tandem with the burgeoning tech world to create a paradoxical world without… Read more »

In Real Life – “Eyes Closed”

So I just found out that boy bands are back*. Really! I didn’t realize boy bands were gone, to be honest, but here we are in 2017 and if I scan the memory banks it occurs to me that One Direction disbanded a few years ago. Anyway. It turns out one of the boy bands… Read more »

Fortnite’s Kitchen Sink is not Without Hooks

Fortnite is a pay-to-play game with every imaginable sticky hook from mobile/casual/free-to-play games thrown in at it. There are XP bars upon XP bars. Once you fill out ten XP bars, you can evolve and get ten more. Sometimes you find new items with new XP bars, or new heroes with XP bars. Other times,… Read more »