PUBG is a Marvel

Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds (irritatingly stylized PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS and henceforth PUBG) is the gaming phenomenon of the summer. The meteoric rise of the game has been fascinating to watch: from first hearing the rumblings about the game last spring, buying it in May and discovering the source of the hype, then watching the game explode into the… Read more »

Smidley – “Milkshake”

i listen so closely ~ Man, this track has got me good. I love every moment when I’m fucked up listening to “Milkshake.” It’s a simple track with little flute-y noises (synth?) and a guitar walking up and down a little tune. And lyrically it’s a few different variations of a basic idea. But to me this… Read more »

Gamifying Nature

Tier Zoo is a recently-started YouTube channel that humorously blends the “nature battles” genre of wildlife documentaries with over-analyzed gaming strategy tips videos. It is phenomenal. The details are on point–gaming concepts like skill trees, specs, and griefing are masterfully transplanted onto evolutionary traits. I love the videos already and I’m looking forward to the… Read more »

Tonight in Dreampop Masterpieces: Yeule’s Coma

how could i forget you The latest from inimitable netlabel ZOOM LENS, Coma is the perfect EP to listen to with headphones on and the lights out. It’s tricky for me to try to describe music but I can describe how this makes me feel: like I’m floating in pitch-black water on a cloudless, yet starless… Read more »

The Obelisk Gate is a Good Sequel

I haven’t burned down a book in two to three days like I did N.K. Jemisin’s The Obelisk Gate for a few years. I probably over-did it since I can only sort of remember most of the plot points, despite having finished it earlier this week. But that’s just how compelling the book is! Strong recommendation from… Read more »

Path of Exile is Great: Why that’s Bad.

I recently got back into Path of Exile with the big patch that released in early August. The game itself is a masterpiece of game design in a classic fashion: it takes a familiar format and twists, refines and adds to it. After a childhood literally spent growing up with Diablo and Diablo II, a… Read more »

The Fifth Season is Novel and Fantastic

How to categorize The Fifth Season? It’s fantasy, for sure, but it’s something unique to me too: it’s something like an environmental/geology fantasy. This was one of those ones I was up until 3 am to finish. And it’s only the first book in the series! The shifting perspectives (a whole third of the book is… Read more »

Divinity: Original Sin 2 – 10 Hour Guidepost

I am Fane, a living skeleton. I might be magic, but I also seem to come from a group of people called the Eternal so maybe this is just normal for them. (Except I’m the last one of my kind except for a few godlike apparitions floating about so maybe this isn’t normal?) Anyway. I… Read more »

The Black Company

After all but shunning fantasy genre novels for nearly a decade, I’ve been tentatively dipping my toes back in here and there. In my teenage years, fantasy novels were almost exclusively all I read. I remember bringing some five hundred page behemoth to English class and a fellow student chiding me for not reading the… Read more »

Breaking BoJack Down

i know you hate me, bea ~ BoJack Horseman has always been a show concerned mostly with the utter destruction of its characters. One definition of tragicomedy I’ve heard is that it’s a tragedy that ends with a final, unexpected twist towards happiness or hope, and while I think the series will end with that… Read more »