Divinity: Original Sin 2 – 10 Hour Guidepost

I am Fane, a living skeleton. I might be magic, but I also seem to come from a group of people called the Eternal so maybe this is just normal for them. (Except I’m the last one of my kind except for a few godlike apparitions floating about so maybe this isn’t normal?) Anyway. I… Read more »

The Black Company

After all but shunning fantasy genre novels for nearly a decade, I’ve been tentatively dipping my toes back in here and there. In my teenage years, fantasy novels were almost exclusively all I read. I remember bringing some five hundred page behemoth to English class and a fellow student chiding me for not reading the… Read more »

Breaking BoJack Down

i know you hate me, bea ~ BoJack Horseman has always been a show concerned mostly with the utter destruction of its characters. One definition of tragicomedy I’ve heard is that it’s a tragedy that ends with a final, unexpected twist towards happiness or hope, and while I think the series will end with that… Read more »

Fiona the Hippo

Fiona the Hippo is a prematurely-born hippo living in Cincinnati. Fiona the Hippo is the only good thing to happen in 2017. Fiona the Hippo is a being of pure light. As we continue our long descent into the darkness, Fiona is a spark of incredible beauty. Fiona the Hippo has her own TV show,… Read more »

Lushloss – Asking/Bearing

have you called your mother? ~ This record by Lushloss has got me good! One of my favorite tools musicians employ is altering vocals and Lushloss uses such a variety of vocal effects that it always stays interesting. Sometimes unintelligible and sometimes blissfully clear, the vocals shine. The interspersed recorded conversation with Mom is very… Read more »