Seven Great Songs: July 2018

Foreword: July was a good month! I heard some nice songs. Here are my favorites: Kendl Winter – “Rise and Fall” I just like the sounds of Kendl Winter’s voice on this song. And the anaphoric “All of it is…” lines are a satisfying in an inexplicable way. Lucinda Williams – “2 Kool 2 Be 4-Gotten”… Read more »

Eleven Great Songs: June 2018

Foreword: June was a good month for music. Any month that sees an official SOPHIE release is gonna be a good one! Tanukichan – “Lazy Love” “Lazy Love” is a whispery shoegaze that’s a joy to listen to. Plus, finding this song turned me on to Tanukichan’s marvelous EP, Radiolove. Father John Misty – “Please Don’t Die”… Read more »

Eight Great Songs: May 2018

Foreword: I didn’t write any posts on this blog in the month of May.  I’ve got a bunch of drafts floating around about games I haven’t played for over a month! But, I did manage to listen to some sick tunez this month: Janelle Monae – “Screwed” I haven’t really been hooked by J. Monae’s musical… Read more »

Nine Great Songs: Apr 2018

Foreword: I listened to more new music in April than I did in March! Plus I did a better job of jotting down when I found a song worth writing about. As a result, I have a lot more new-to-me songs I want to write about now! Funny how a little effort can go a… Read more »

Four Great Songs: Mar 2018

Foreword: I know, I know. Only four songs this month. And March was such a long month! I simply didn’t hear a ton of new music I loved this month. Partially it was the mood I was in–I spent a solid week and a half exclusively listening to old favorites–and partially it was just a down… Read more »

Six Great Songs: Feb 2018

Foreword: As promised, another entry in my “great songs” catalog. Here are 6 of my favorite songs from February, 2018~ awakebutstillinbed – “life” It was tough to narrow down to just one song from awakebutstillinbed’s album. The whole album is consistently great. Probably because the band’s style is what draws me in the most: the… Read more »

Nine Great Songs: Jan 2018

These are 9 of the songs I kept coming back to in January of 2018. They’re in no particular order and most likely not released that month. This is a snapshot of the songs I liked in January that are worth listening to. Breakfast Muff – “R U A Feminist” Twee/indiepop was one of my… Read more »